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HP Compatible JC04 Laptop Battery

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HP Compatible JC04 Laptop Battery

About this item

  • Both Store & Online Purchase Avaliable
  • Store Contact NO: 8667243442
  • Store Location:CHENNAI
  • Contact seller before placing the order to validate your laptop compatible model. Power up your laptop and enjoy the freedom of movement with this 4 Cell Lithium-Ion battery which can be charged up to 2660mAh.
  • Compatible HP Models: Pavilion 14-BS000NG,BS000NP,BS000NQ,BS000NV,BS000UR,BS001NB,BS001NE,BS001NF,BS001NI,BS001NIA,BS001NK,BS001NO,BS001NP,BS001NX,BS001TU,BS001TX,BS001UR,BS002NE,BS002NF,BS002NG,BS002NH,BS002NL,BS002NO,BS002NS,BS002NX,BS002NY,BS002TU,Pavilion 14-BW000AU,BW000NF,BW000UR,BW001AU,BW001AX,BW001NC,BW001NF,BW001UR,BW002AU,BW002AX,BW002UR,BW003AU,BW003UR,BW004AU,BW004NO,BW004UR,BW005AU,BW005NO,BW005UR,BW006AU,BW006NF,BW007AU and BW007NA series.
  • Other Compatible HP Models: Pavilion 14G-BR001TU,BR002TU,BR002TX,BR003TX,BR004TX,BR005TX,BR006TX,BR007TX,BR100TX,BR102TX,BX001AX,BX002AX,BX003AX,Pavilion 14Q-BU001TU,BU001TX,BU002TX,BU003TX,BU004TU,BU004TX,BU005TU,BU005TX,BU006TU,BU006TX,BU007TU,BU007TX,BU008TU,BU012TU,BU100TU,BU101TX,BU102TX,BU103TX,BY001AX,BY002AX,Pavilion 14-BS005NX,BS002TX,BS003NIA,BS003NO,BS003NY,BS003TU,BS005NE,BS005NF,BW009NF,BW007NF,BW008NF,BW008NO,BW009AU and BW010AU series.
  • Compatible HP Part Numbers: 2LP34AA,919681-221,919681-231,919681-241,919682-421,919682-831,919700-850,919701-850,HSTNN-DB8A,HSTNN-DB8B,HSTNN-DB8E,HSTNN-L67N,HSTNN-PB6Y,JC03,JC03031,JC04,JCO3,JCO4,TPN-C129,TPN-C130,TPN-Q186,TPN-Q187,TPN-W129,TPN-W130.
  • The battery is made of Grade A cells which ensures fast charging and low power consumption. The Integrated circuit protection ensures both safety and stability to your battery as well as for your laptop.
  • With 1 Year National Warranty by HP India, the battery is also CE, FCC and RoHS certified for safety measures.

Affordable HP-branded spare or backup.Plan ahead with a cost-effective replacement battery, or keep a second battery charged as a spare when you can’t stop to plug in. Battery Life: 3